Committees of Council

Committees of Council

Council President Pro Tem:  Quinton Babcock

Finance and Purchasing:  Don Douglas - Chairman, Jackie Macko, Michelle Ish

Parks and Recreation:  Quinton Babcock - Chairman, Sue Rahm, Donna Wendt-Elliott

Rules of Council and Personnel Policies:  Michelle Ish - Chairman, Don Douglas, Jackie Macko

Safety and Refuge:  Donna Wendt-Elliott-Chairman, Sue Rahm, Quinton Babcock

Streets and Sidewalks:  Sue Rahm - Chairman, Quinton Babcock, Donna Wendt-Elliott

Public Utilities:  Jackie Macko - Chairman, Don Douglas, Michelle Ish

Mid County EMS Council Representative:  Don Douglas

Portage Fire District Council Representative:  Michelle Ish

Employee Grievance Committee:  Don Douglas, Jackie Macko, Eric Parker

Planning Commission/BZA Council Representative:  Quinton Babcock

Regional Water Advisory Board:  Randy Genzman, Village Administrator

Regional Planning Commission (for Ottawa County):  Randy Genzman, Village Administrator

B-C-S Communications Committee Representative:  Jackie Macko