Village crews have begun curbside leaf pickup.  Please rake leaves to the edge of the pavement in rows (not piles).  Please contact Public Works Department with questions at (419) 898-1823.  Pickup will continue as weather allows.  (Posted 11/01/2016)


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES:  The Village is currently seeking the following positions of Part-time Patrolman.  For more information go the "Government" tab and click on "Employment Opportunities".

Effective January 1, 2016, the 2015 Individual and Estimated Quarterly Income Tax forms will only be available online or at the Village offices.  Many area municipalities are taking advantage of technology, which reduces the cost of printing and mailing of forms.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Income Tax office at (419) 898-1611 or the Fiscal Officer at (419) 898-5561.

 Current Items: NO ACTIVE AUCTIONS CURRENTLY (Posted 06/06/2016)

Dog tags are available at the Oak Harbor Police Department for $20.00 per dog.  The licenses are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.  For additional information go Ottawa County web site at (Dog Warden Tab)

Automated Meter Reading System Project (AMR Project) Update:
The Village continues with the Automated Meter Reading System Project which will increase the efficiency of the meter reading process in all facets of data collection, data entry and billing.  This project includes the installation of new water and/or electric meters in homes and businesses throughout the Village's entire service area.  Property owners will be required to make necessary provisions to allow clear access to the water and/or electric meters.  There will be no charge for a typical replacement (conversion) of a meter(s).  In rare cases, major plumbing changes may be required to facilitate the conversion.  These plumbing changes will be the responsibility of the property owners.  Contact the Utility Billing office at (419) 898-3321 with questions or concerns.  (Updated 11/01/2016)

Zoning Reminder:
  Zoning permits are required for a variety of situations such as new homes, signs, fences, sheds and swimming pools.  Call (419) 898-5561 for information.

The Curbside Brush Pickup Program is a service that is provided with no taxes or user fees charged to  support its operation.  The original intent of the program was to dispose of limbs and branches  downed by storms or natural tree pruning.  We have seen entire trees cut, landscaping debris and  garden waste put out for collection.  The Village can no longer support the magnitude of this type of  service and not charge for the operation of it.  This service costs the Village in excess of $75,000 per  year.  Therefore, the Village will only collect branches and limbs downed by winds or natural pruning as  part of its curbside service.  If you have a tree removed, have your contractor take the brush as well.  Once  the Christiansen Road property is reclaimed and authorization is granted by the Ohio EPA, a green waste transfer site may be erected for green waste disposal. ( Posted 04/14/2015)